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Here’s what we do!

In this experience we will open up your energy, giving you guidance and direction by using tarot cards, crystals, incense, and your aura. By using these tools, it will be an experience unlike any other, and you will definitely never forget it. It’s a super calming and spiritual experience. Be prepared to be relaxed—it's like a spa day for your energy. It’s hard to say exactly what will happen, since everyone’s energy is so unique and different.

The only thing for sure is that we will discover your proper path and rejuvenate your spirit and energy. You’ll be able to interact and ask questions about the meanings of things

What tools we use!

Tarot Cards




Cleanse yourself...

Here you can rejuvenate your mind, body, soul and spirit from whatever has been hindering you from becoming your full self.

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It's an amazing experience. Nasta is very professional and can tell every thing about you and help you to become better and happier.


July 2019

This was my very first time doing a spiritual reading, and it was a great experience all around. Very accurate read and I definitely came away with clarity and clear next steps for the future. Nasta is very calm and direct, which I definitely appreciated. Highly recommend


July 2019

This was my first experience of this kind and I was very impressed. She knew things and told me things that were very accurate about my past and present. She also told me things that I need to work on and gave some insight into what to expect in the future. She gave me some really great advise. I'm definitely planning to return for some additional information and help with things I need to continuously improve.


June 2019

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