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In this experience we will open up your energy, giving you guidance and direction by using tarot cards, crystals, incense, and your aura.

By using these tools, it will be an experience unlike any other, and you will definitely never forget it. It’s a super calming and spiritual experience. Be prepared to be relaxed—it's like a spa day for your energy. It’s hard to say exactly what will happen, since everyone’s energy is so unique and different. The only thing for sure is that we will discover your proper path and rejuvenate your spirit and energy. You’ll be able to interact and ask questions about the meanings of things—don't be scared. Get into it, and ask and learn—I’m here to teach. It’s a fun experience for people from all walks of life. Nothing is judged and no question is crazy—I've been in business for over five years and, believe me, I've heard it all. You will definitely walk away with a lot of questions answered and a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. If you enjoy the experience—and I’m sure you will—I suggest you get a reading done every six months to keep yourself in the loop and clear everything up.

Other things to note

Come open minded and ready to reveal what’s been hindering you from your path!